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Your lawn should be an extension of your living room. Another space to relax, watch nature’s TV (campfire) and socialize. We will provide your lawn with everything it needs from Fertilizer and Seeding in order to keep the lawn thick and weed resistant to Nuisance Pest Control that will take care of the little pest that can ruin your lawn and your BBQ. Your lawn shouldn’t be a task for you, it’s a place to relax for you. With our 24-hour call back guarantee, we’ll have you on the fast track to maximize your relaxation this season!

Maybe you don’t like that shrub in the front yard? Perhaps the thought of taking it out yourself is even worse? Call us! Hate those nasty, rundown flowerbeds? Or maybe you want a new garden!? Call us! That’s what we are here for! From side walk edging to complete landscape remodels, we can help you out! Your landscaping paints a picture for your house – let’s make it a masterpiece!

Want to bolster your home’s curb appeal? Call us or write today for a FREE QUOTE. It’s our promise to get back to you within 24 hours.



“I travel a lot for work and don’t have time to worry about my lawn and landscaping, but Local Lawn Care and Landscaping always has my yard show ready when I get home!”
Al (Golden Valley, MN)


“Beyond reliable and they always exceed my expectations. All my neighbors hate me because my lawn is the best looking one around!”
Bo (Edina, MN)


“It was a great privilege to work with Local Lawn Care & Landscaping for our recent yard renewal project. Results were spectacular while the quality of service was professional & courteous. Plus, we have a new friend named Jeremy Sorbel!”
Judy (Richfield, MN)


“Local Lawn Care and Landscaping did a phenomenal job on my yard! Jeremy worked within my budget, gave me professional advice on what improvements were needed, and did the work in a timely manner. I couldn’t have been more pleased. They exceeded my expectations!”
Nancy (Edina, MN)