Enjoy the Sunshine While it Lasts!



Believe it or not the first day of summer is June 21st this year and that is almost upon us! But that also mean we still have time to get our spring clean ups done.

The first day of summer, also known as Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year as far as sunlight goes. According to the farmer’s almanac dawn will rise at 5:26am and darkness will fall at 9:03pm! That is going to mean 15 hours and 36 minutes of sunlight in one day! Ah-mazing.

And even better for all you people out there that have their weekends fall on Saturday and Sunday, the 21st of June lands on a Saturday making your weekend feel even longer. Better start making some plans now!

We have all heard that we get vitamin D from the sunlight, which is awesome, but did you know that all natural foods are devoid of vitamin D except egg yolks and fish? The sun is the very best way to get this necessary vitamin, though some of us Northern folk, after spending even just one winter in Minnesota, have found that taking a supplement to make up for our lack of sunlight in the winter is a good idea.

After the winter of 2013 I’ve heard many people vow not to complain about the upcoming heat, so lets just remember all those chilly days we endured to get to this point and let our bodies soak up some sun and all the nourishment that comes along with it.



Vitamin D



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