Do You Know What Zone You Are In?


Plant Hardiness

If you have ever wondered what plants are best to place where you live, there just so happens to be a splendid chart to let you know.

The Agricultural Research Service has created a map with 26 different zones in the United States with temperatures ranging from -60 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit. In Minnesota alone there are 4 zones amongst the state to be aware of.

For example, if you live in Minneapolis your zone will be 4b. This means that the minimum temperatures that your plants will have to withstand are from -25 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit in order to survive into the next growing period.

So if you are planting some perennials for your landscape you will want to check that the ones you choose have a heartiness level that will allow them to make it through the winter conditions expected.

Another thing the zones consider are that some plants will thrive in higher temperatures, more rainfall, or less rainfall. So if you want your garden to flourish year after year look for your zone!


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