Dandelion, the Pretty Little Nuisance



Driving around a typical suburban neighborhood today one of the first things I saw was how after one long day of rain in Minnesota there is not only a lot more green to be seen on the trees and lawns, but oh so much yellow. Those little dandelions seemed to have popped out of the ground literally overnight.

Though most people are going to classify this plant as a weed, it actually serves a few more purposes:

  • The yellow dandelion head can be dried and used as a tea, supposedly to help with your liver, kidneys, digestive and many other health benefits. (According to WebMD and many other sites, some trying to sell the tea.)
  • I’m sure you have heard of a salad including dandelion greens, this is just the leafy part of the plant above ground and actually has quite a bit of nutrition (112% of your daily vitamin A in just one serving)
  • The root part of the dandelions underground is actually one of the roots used in Root Beer! Crazy!

In some parks, namely Chicago, dandelions are a sign that there is little to no pesticides being used, which could be a pretty good thing for those frolicking about.

As for living in a neighborhood where the lawn is expected to be mowed once a week these little flowers are considered an irritation and can make your yard stick out like a sore thumb on the block.

What do you think?


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