Gardening, Let Your Green Thumb Show!



Green is a grand color, and we look forward to seeing it every year. But a splash of color can really add something special to a yard.

While driving through any neighborhood its hard not to notice that one yard on the block that has a beautiful rose bush or a few hanging baskets with ruby red geraniums in it. After all the time and money we put into buying or renting a place to call home, we just want to be proud of where we live.

Mowing the grass is a task we all have to undertake once we get a yard to call our own, but to really give it some character and make it look stunning, a few flowers planted in the yard will have everyone turning their heads to look your way.

Any ideas you might have to make your yard ravishing can be done and we have plenty of ideas of our own to share. I don’t know about you but we heard about this little website called Pinterest and WOW are there so many things I see on there that would look so good in the yard.

Another nice thing for the backyard might be a vegetable garden with an array of plants that will give you some juicy tomatoes, some fresh from the vine cucumbers, maybe even some crisp green onions right from the ground.

The list goes on and on for potential gardens and the “fruit of your labor” will be “good enough to eat” in no time at all. (and might even save you a few bucks at the grocery store).

Thanks! From the Professionals at Local Lawncare and Landscaping.

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