Why is crabgrass so important to everybody, this time of year? Well, a single crabgrass plant can produce as many as 700 tillers (the leaf-like tentacles that sprawl out across the thatch layer and up) and 150,000 seeds. That’s one plant! The crabgrass you see come up this Spring was from last year’s seedlings. The seeds can last in the ground for 10+ years before having the right conditions for germinating. Just think about that the exponential power of growth there and ultimately choking out your lawn. That’s why we take it so serious and make sure our customers receive it every year. It is a big step to getting the lawn off on the right for the entire season. We can save a lot of chemical usage, time and your money by applying it at the correct time in the Spring.

The Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass is important, because it creates a barrier over the yard that prevents those seeds from germinating for up to 60 days. By then the lawn (Kentucky Bluegrass) has the ability to recover from the winter dormancy and thicken the lawn up to naturally prevent the crabgrass from germinating. Crabgrass, and most noxious weeds in general, like sandy soils and warm soil temperatures. A thick lawn shades the soil to keep it cooler and helps retain better soil moisture. A thick lawn is the best weed control. We tend to see a lot of weeds on the curb, driveway and sidewalk edges because those areas are typically sandier and the hardscape keeps the soil warmer.

VERY IMPORTANT Fact about the Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass: The Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass should really be called Pre-Emergent for seed. The fact is, the barrier the Pre-Em creates will prevent any seed from germinating. This means grass seed. Always wait 60 days after the Pre-Em to over seed to ensure that you have the highest yield on the seed possible and the Pre-Em barrier has worn out.



When it comes to making the Spring decision of whether to over seed with a starter fertilizer or put down the Pre-Em for crabgrass, it is really a case by case basis that needs a trained eye to check out. This is where I say I’d like to meet with you on the property to discuss your needs and your lawn’s needs. We can create a plan tailored to your property. Inquire with one simple step at our website¬†or call me, Jeremy @ 612-655-5477. 24 hr response guarantee!

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