What is a Core Aeration and what is so good about it?

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A Core Aeration is the best mechanical process you can do for your yard. It really works on all of the facets of growing healthy turf grass. It is no joke and you’ll definitely realize the benefits. It enhances water percolation, adds oxygen to the soil to prevent fungi, reduces soil compaction, smooths out small humps in the yard, gives the lawn more of a “bounce”, allows applications to reach further into the soil, helps roots grow deeper into the soil, and the list goes on and on. We recommend you have your lawn aerated once a year or at a minimum every other year if you’ve been doing it routinely.

Do you see MOSS growing in your lawn or on the top soil? A Core Aeration would help add oxygen to prevent that.

Does your lawn seem lumpy and hard like concrete? A Core Aeration would help decompact the soil and give it more “bounce”

Does your lawn not seem very think even after you keep putting seed down? A Core Aeration would help the seed establish deeper, more healthy roots to promote a thicker lawn.

Do you have small puddles of water that form in your lawn? A Core Aeration could help the water infiltrate the soil more readily and make the roots stretch deeper into the soil to get at the water.

Do you see too much thatch underneath your turf grass? A Core Aeration would help reduce the thatch layer to healthy standards.

An Over Seeding at the same time as the Core Aeration is the perfect two punch combo. The seed falls in the core holes and the cores weather and topdress the rest of the seed. A lot of seed to soil contact is key to achieving a high germination rate for your grass seed. Please CONTACT US if you would like a free estimate!


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