What is a Core Aeration and what is so good about it?

A Core Aeration is the best mechanical process you can do for your yard. It really works on all of the facets of growing healthy turf grass. It is no joke and you’ll definitely realize the benefits. It enhances water percolation, adds oxygen to the soil to prevent fungi, reduces soil compaction, smooths out small […]


Why is crabgrass so important to everybody, this time of year? Well, a single crabgrass plant can produce as many as 700 tillers (the leaf-like tentacles that sprawl out across the thatch layer and up) and 150,000 seeds. That’s one plant! The crabgrass you see come up this Spring was from last year’s seedlings. The […]

Spring Lawn Preparation – Snow Mold

Does your lawn look like this? You could have the wrong fertilizing practices. The fall fertilizer is an important application, but when it comes to the rate of Nitrogen, it can be detrimental. Snow mold can begin to grow under the snow and represent itself in the Spring as illustrated in the photo here. If you […]

Eww! Bugs!

It’s that time of year again, the bugs have officially come out of hiding from the frigid Minnesota winter and are back at full force. Now that it’s nice outside and our spring cleanup is done, all we want to do is go outside after work and enjoy a few hours of daylight and maybe […]

Gardening, Let Your Green Thumb Show!

  Green is a grand color, and we look forward to seeing it every year. But a splash of color can really add something special to a yard. While driving through any neighborhood its hard not to notice that one yard on the block that has a beautiful rose bush or a few hanging baskets […]

Dandelion, the Pretty Little Nuisance

  Driving around a typical suburban neighborhood today one of the first things I saw was how after one long day of rain in Minnesota there is not only a lot more green to be seen on the trees and lawns, but oh so much yellow. Those little dandelions seemed to have popped out of […]

Do You Know What Zone You Are In?

Plant Hardiness If you have ever wondered what plants are best to place where you live, there just so happens to be a splendid chart to let you know. The Agricultural Research Service has created a map with 26 different zones in the United States with temperatures ranging from -60 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit. In […]

Enjoy the Sunshine While it Lasts!

  Believe it or not the first day of summer is June 21st this year and that is almost upon us! But that also mean we still have time to get our spring clean ups done. The first day of summer, also known as Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year as far […]

What happens when you Request a Quote?

If you have lawncare and/or landscaping needs, you have come to the right place! We offer a personalized quote especially for what you want for your yard. It can be as simple as a phone call or email with a description of what you want. But what we prefer to personally meet you at your […]

Winter Blues?

Hello Minnesota weather fans! Or haters, depending on how you are feeling today. How do you combat the winter blues? We beat them by thinking about all the fun we will have this year! If your looking for some ideas check out a few of the websites below. Stay strong my fellow Minnesotans, it can’t […]